Fixed Price Service

Fixed Price Forklift service package
Price starts from $130.00* (Plus GST) for electric forklifts 
Price Starts from $180.00* (Plus GST) for Gas/ Duel fuel or Diesel Forklifts

We offer you an affordable fixed price package for on-site scheduled regular forklift services. Upon your request, we will discuss the best service program suit to your fleet depending on following factors.
• Number of hours, the forklift used a per day
• Your work environment
• The age of the forklift
• Risk assessment
• Service interval
• Make / Brand of the Forklift
The regular forklift service interval can be very depending on many facts, especially health and safety issues concern. As a thumb of rule, according to the service manuals of all forklift manufactures recommend regular minor forklift services every 2 months. However, in practice this can be adjusted according to the situation. For example, a warehouse with a lot of traffic where a lot of attention needed, regular forklift service is recommended every 2 months.
Our fixed price regular forklift service charges will be guaranteed for 12month, after fixing it considering all above facts. All parts need for “regularly scheduled services” and reasonable travel charges are included in the price. Additional repairs, where needed will be quoted.
Please contact us from obtaining a FIXED RICE SERVICE QUOTE.

*Including Parts. Travel Charges May Applies.


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