Forklift Safety

The forklift can lead to serious injuries in workplaces. They are heavy and unstable specially with load. According o Work Safe Victoria, about 250 people are seriously injured by them every year.

For avoid such situation, we are presenting you some important guidance for handling your forklifts in workplaces. Forklift safety is not merely associated with safe operation, but also linked to many more conditions from the health status of the forklift to traffic management in the environment. You are encouraged to read Worksafe Material as a guide at Worksafe Victoria.

To avoid injuries or accidents following steps are recommended.

  • maintain Maintain a daily checklist. Download
  • cap Always use high visibility safety gears and signs
  • caution Plan a Traffic management in workplace.
  • authorized Make sure only licensed operators to be operated forklifts.
  • carryout Carry out regular maintenance program
  • danger Immediately Park faulty forklift in a safe place and Tag “Do not operate”, remove the key.
  • gloves Always, use suitable gloves when remove or fit back Gas hose to the Gas Cilinder. Another good practice is close gas bottle, run the motor to finish all gas in the hose, then remove the hose. Close Gas bottles if the forklift is parked for a long time such as overnight and weekends.
  • warning Battery charges must be located in very well ventilated area, where no any types of “sparks” generated by factory machineries or any other sources.

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