Forklift Pre Purchase inspection

Used forklifts are not only expensive, but need to be prepared to carry out major repairs, if you don’t carefully select it.

What you can expect from when you planning to buy a used forklift?

If you are buying used Electrick Forklift you need to make special attention to the Forklift Battery. The forklift deep cycle Battery can be cost anywhere between $4000. 00-6000.00, more or less depending on the battery. That is in addition to the mechanical condition of the forklift.

On the other hand, Gas or Diesel forklift, you need to know the conditions of Engine, transmission, Brakes, steering, Load lifting mechanism and many other components.

You must check the forklift for LOAD RATING PLATE. Operating a forklift without Load Rating Plate is high risk and obtaining a new ration plate may be expensive or sometimes, unable to obtain a rating plate.

Considering all these, If you are looking to buy a forklift, it is highly recommended to inspect the forklift for condition before make the decision.

We check the forklift throughoutly for all mechanical parts, including engine, transmission, Mast, Brakes, Steering and hydraulic with more than 50 points check list.

Please contact us for forklift pre purchase inspection.

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